Friends on Guard

Program description

Many individuals in the TCHC buildings we serve in southwest Scarborough are vulnerable due to poverty, ill health, recent homelessness, addictions and other issues. The buildings at 682 Warden and 40 Firvalley Court consist mostly of bachelor units whose single isolated occupants have little family or other support. The only common space is the recreation room. The isolation is so extreme that in 2004 a tenant was discovered in his room who had been dead for six months and no one had known. As the buildings’ demographics have changed in recent years, violence and anti-social behavior have increased, isolating individuals even further as they are afraid of each other. The meal program provides a homey and safe space within the building where tenants can interact daily.

But in addition, the MIND Program operates a program called Friends on Guard to ensure the well-being of participating tenants. For these tenants, volunteers in the building will check on them every day and alert the medical team serving the building or other emergency contacts or relevant agencies as the need arises. The goal of the program is to provide caring relationships with love and constant support, compassion and trust for vulnerable individuals. Participants can choose to be contacted by phone or a knock on the door.

Since the program began at 682 Warden, no participant in difficulty has gone more than 24 hours without being discovered and offered assistance.



682 Warden Avenue
Toronto, Ontario