We believe in community engagement as an essential tool towards harm reduction.


Our Mission

Together with community partners, our aim is to foster a sense of meaning and belonging through programs that improve the health and well-being of residents at 682 Warden Ave. and 40 Firvalley Court in Toronto, many of whom are living with poverty, isolation, mental illness and addictions.


We are proud to be a Good Food Organization working towards a healthy and fair food system in alliance with Community Food Centres Canada. We are joining a growing network of like-minded organizations across Canada who share a commitment to offering healthy and dignified food programs in their communities.


In partnership with 


Our Programs


Community Meal Program

We provide hot nutritious meals at low cost to dozens of residents of Toronto Community Housing buildings in southwest Scarborough.


Substance Use Community Needs

In September 2017 we published the results of a year-long assessment of substance use needs at 682 Warden Ave and 40 Firvalley Court in southwest Scarborough. Since then we have worked with residents and local agencies to implement the recommendations of the assessment.


Words from the residents

The meal program is very affordable and I get to meet and be social with people from the building.

Cindy — 10 Glen Everest